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to raise money for the Hawthorne Elementary School Foundation!

Our Fundraising Goal:




Your SUPER donation helps pay for...

  • A classroom purchase allotment for each teacher
  • STEM supplies, including materials for the garden, aquaponics system, chicken house, and monthly grade-level challenges
  • Continuing education for teachers (staff development)
  • A portion of the PTA budget
  • Translation help

Your gifts help make Hawthorne a SUPER place to learn--and teach--helping Hawthorne recruit and keep DeKalb's Best Teachers!

All financial contributions are tax-deductible.You will receive an email providing a receipt for tax purposes via the email address that you provide.

Your employer might match your gift to Hawthorne! Check your company policies, or see if it is included on this list. If your company will match your gift, please contact Gena Lawrence: gena (dot) lawrence (at) gmail (dot) com or send your gift match information in to your child's teacher.

Existing Recurring Donors: Click Here to access your account and modify your donation preferences. Donor accounts are not required for one-time donations.

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