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What is the Hawthorne Elementary Foundation? How is it different from the PTA?

The Hawthorne Foundation is a parent organization that raises money to meet long-term academic and environmental needs for the school. The PTA focuses on shorter-term goals--social and environmental needs of the school for this academic year. The Foundation donates a significant amount of money to the PTA each year to help fund its work. We also work closely with the adminstration, teachers, and the PTA to think about bigger and bigger-picture needs.

How do you support Hawthorne Teachers?

The HES Foundation supports teachers as professionals.

  • Each teacher can be reimbursed for up to $100 in spending for classroom supplies.
  • Teachers can apply for funds to attend professional development events in areas where they want to grow. They also get credit hours that help them maintain their teaching license, which can get expensive.

These aren’t just “perks” for teachers. They are important recruitment tools. We want the best teachers at Hawthorne, and they are more likely to choose a school and remain there if they feel valued and supported.

Hear what teachers have to say about the Foundation support:

Lively Learning Opportunities!: https://youtu.be/LIJNqwKxzuY

Great Grants for Classrooms!: https://youtu.be/WQgQJDFFnlA

What have you done with money raised in the past? How do I know you are using the money wisely?

In the past:

  • The HES Foundation installed a computer lab at a time when many elementary schools in DeKalb did not have access to a full lab.
  • The HES Foundation purchased 2 class sets of tablets with keyboards. These are a part of the numbers that allow the school to move to 1:1 computing in grades 3-5 this year.
  • We continue to support a stipend for a technology maintenance person. Buying computers is a waste of money if we don’t keep them working!
  • The HES Foundation paid the salary for an extra specials teacher until two years ago, when the school system hired an additional specials teacher. This gave our students an extra class, and it gave our teachers a planning period.
  • We supported the school as it headed for STEM certification by paying stipends for a group of teachers to spend extra time planning and preparing STEM materials and we help fund the training needed for teachers and administrators to run the aquaponics system.
  • The HES Foundation purchased a large playground for the upper grades, which supports healthy development and improves students focus when they return to the classroom.

Our decisions are based on a long-term needs survey of the school community. We are at the end of our five-year planning cycle and will be setting new priorities this year. We just completed our latest needs assessment last spring and are working on the issues raised in that process.

Are there special projects being funded this year?

Yes, but they aren't as visible as the playground or a new computer lab. The garden, aquaponics system, and chicken house all need extra funding for their upkeep. Supplies are needed for each grade to have a special monthly STEM project. Additionally, we hope to be able to hire a Spanish translator to assist at the school part-time.

What else can I do?

Sign up to volunteer with the Hornet Hustle. Watch this space and the weekly Buzz for a link to the sign up sheet when it is ready.

Set up your Amhttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Dd3njCA5x1Y/U8R7JwMtXLI/AAAAAAAABAQ/JWMvLUVi6i4/s1600/amazon+smile+logo.jpgazon account to automatically donate a percentage of all of your purchases to the Hawthorne Elementary School Foundation at smile.amazon.com.


How do I get more involved with the Foundation?

We'd also love more volunteers to work with us on the Foundation: helping with communication, problem-solving on important school issues, and fundraising. If you'd like to join in, contact Jodi Toppen, this year's president, at wheelertop (at) gmail (dot) com.










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